The Importance of Appointing a

Short Term Guardian

Giving your Family a Safety Net

Life happens and the unexpected is always a possibility. If the worst-case scenario became reality, who would look after your children? It's better to be prepared with a plan than leave everything to chance and your family unprotected. Short-term guardianship is perfectly designed for these moments and provides a safety-net for those worst-case scenarios.

If you are in a situation that you need a short term guardian, the guide will help get the process started.

What you get:

Provide you the first steps to setting up a short-term guardianship.

Streamline your short-term guardianship papers and reduce the wait time.

Connect you with our lawyers and attorneys to help you through the process.

This form will get you started, now schedule a consultation to complete the short term guardianship form with Wills & Wellness.

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