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Life events happen: we can’t stop them, but we can help you plan for them.

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Why Become a Wills & Wellness Client Member?

Wills & Wellness Grows with our Client Members

At Wills & Wellness, our mission is to grow with your family and stand with you through all of life's milestones; the good and the challenging. At other estate planning firms, the relationship ends at signing the dotted line. As a Wills & Wellness Client Member, signing documents is the beginning of our ongoing support for all the events in your life.

Benefits of becoming a Client Member:

Ensures your will and estate plan are always up-to-date and obey Colorado law.

Think beyond financial assets. Client Members have access to Wills & Wellness services such as legacy planning, funeral pre-planning, and ongoing estate planning education opportunities.

We’re always a call away for guidance, to answer questions, and to help you navigate the ups and downs of life.

We treat Client Members like our own family members; we will help you make the best decisions for you and your family, not our bottom line.

Plan for the best. Plan for the worst. Plan for Peace.

Click on each family member to see how the Peace Family benefits from the W&W Client Member Program.

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Life never stays the same, so your estate plan shouldn’t either.

Plans change. Families grow. 
Children grow up. Loved ones die.

Prepare to adjust and update your will to grow with you and your family to reflect all life's ups and downs. Here are a few commonly seen life events which we highly encourage our clients to update their wills:

When to update your will:

Birth or adoptions of a child 

When a child or grandchild becomes a legal adult (18 yrs old) 

When a child graduates high school or college

Borrowing or paying off loans 

Marriage or divorce 

Illness or disability of a spouse 

Purchasing a home or other properties 

Receiving a large inheritance or gift of money 

Career changes

Opening or closing a business 

Children or grandchildren getting married

Children or Grandchildren getting divorced

If a beneficiary develops a substance abuse problem 

Named executors or beneficiaries die 

New legislations pass which impacts investments and estate plans 

Moving outside the country

Get Peace of Mind

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